Welcome to Dou.Bet!

What is Dou.Bet?

The owner was tired of using freedns.afraid.org to serve their content and wanted something memorable and exciting. So, I bought my last name... How great is that?!

Dou.Bet is a plethera of free license open source software (FLOSS or FOSS) the is being built in my spare time, which is scarce nowadays. It is a fun, every changing project that meets the motto of Dou.Bet: "Be Passionately Curious".

To get an idea of all the software this server is running, keep on scrolling. PS Here is my dog welcoming you to this webpage.

Privacy aware

The online social world where you are in control of your own data. Share what you want with whom you want.

Free Software

Our software is completely free, so grab the code and host it wherever you want!

Creative community

Meet people from all over the world who love the Internet and want to see it free as much as you do.

Nota.404.Mn has been apart of the diaspora social network since May 2017.

Diaspora is a culture. A culture against the loss of personal privacy by the corporate social network giants. Diaspora enables you to keep your data with you and provides the flexibility to choose what you share. Since your data is stored on your own computer and not a single company's servers you are in control of your data.

Diaspora, being a distributed system, is actually a network of multiple instances of the software Diaspora. These instances are called pods. You can think of it like a mobile service provider or an email provider. You can chose to have diaspora account from any of these accounts from Podupti.me or you can choose this pod to be your diaspora host.



Start your own photo gallery or image hosting website packed with world-class features. No restrictions at all! Free yourself and use it for anything you want. Customize it as you see fit because it’s all yours!

Doubet Photo Host is my personal site that is not open for registrations. But, you can take a look and see everything it has to offer. HINT: Click "Random" in upper left.


searX is a privacy-respecting, open source, hackackable search engine like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, but it does not track or store any information about your searches that you can host yourself. You can even set it as your default search engine if you are so inclined!

Web.Dou.Bet is my personal instance of searX that you can use if you'd like to get a feel for how it works, what it looks like, and if it is a good fit for your needs. Here is another list of all current, publicly available instances.




Dou.Bet Vidz: an early PeerTube adopter

PeerTube is still very new, has an enormous backing and support, and the concept is great. I want to have a YouTube like site, without all the Google stuff. I was the 30th instance ever made: now, there are over 350 instances! Peertube is a federated video sharing website with playlist, like, folowing, and uploading of creative and original content.

You can view other PeerTube instances here.

Live Radio

I love music! In college I was a disc jockey and enjoyed playing my tunes over the air waves and over the internet. After graduating I thought to myself, why stop?

Using Icecast, along with a couple of plugins for Winamp, I stream my 20k+ music library over the internet at Radio.Dou.Bet. I couldn't stop there though. I also have lyrics and album art thanks to the great Genius API as well as a now playing list in case you hear a song you like!


Powered By

There are three main pieces of software that make Dou.Bet possible to run for no cost.


Ubuntu 18.04

Apache HTTP Server

If you don't know how you got here, that probably means you were trying to follow a short url generated by YOURLS.


I really hope that you learned a thing or two visiting my webpage or at the very least found some cool new software. Thank you for visiting my site and have a great day!